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Helping startups grow

Founded in 2001 with a company goal to provide game-changing resources that accelerate startup businesses by enabling them to efficiently execute their unique vision. Over the past 19 years, eXpressTek has provided pivotal resources to both startups and fortune 500 accelerating their business to accomplish the goals as agreed by our engagement teams.

Our Services

Our Services

Our team members are often referred to as « Ninja’s » and every one of them is handpicked to provide unparalleled excellence in their capacity to deliver.

Management consulting

Our proven leadership augments your foundation with proven optimizations of your people, process and tools into a fast and effective startup effort.

Branding and website design

From company logo and branding to user experience, web design, mockups, prototypes and user testing, we've got you covered.

Development operations

Cloud Operations and DevOps are two of our specialties. We are well versed at scaling your presence using industry standard solutions.



The focus of our business model engages startups. We choose to operate with these organizations as they have the flexibility and desire to grow rapidly.



We are located in two of the greatest technology centers of the West Coast to better serve you, San Francisco and Salt Lake City.


San Francisco, CA

Salt Lake City, UT

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